Owned By the Community, Controlled by Contract

Make Residual Money With Domains

ODNS: A Community Driven Decentralized Naming Service

Open Domain Name Service is a system of smart contracts on the Polygon blockchain that allows you to purchase any domain name you want, with all metadata stored on-chain.

ODNS is for creators, entrepreneurs, marketers, and investors.

ODNS is powered by three smart contracts

  • ODNS

    Purchase any domain or Top-Level Domain.

  • Renewal

    Exchange your renewal tokens to renew your domains.

  • Royalty

    Earn a percentage of all domain revenue collected through ODNS.

Be A Domain Landlord

Buy Top Level Domains (TLDs), like .com, .eth, or .matic, and rent the namespace. Top Level domains are usually reserved for an exclusive group of organizations. But not on ODNS. You can register whatever TLD you'd like. And then you become the registrar for the TLD, without having to write a line of code. The contract does it all for you. It's just like buying land and renting out the parcels. You can even sell the TLD for a profit after you've grown the portfolio.

Flexible Name Selection

Other name services, control which top level domains you can use for your name. ODNS lets you create whatever domain name you'd like. Secure a name for your NFT community. Gift names to your family with their surname as the TLD, like Sandeep.patel. Grab any name your heart desires! And when you are ready to move on, you can put it up for sale.

Get Paid. No Code Necessary!

The ODNS website allows any user to create a referral code and get paid. A 5% royalty is paid to the referer for sales made from their unique link. Tiktokers, Instagram influencers, Discord leaders and Social Audio marketers can benefit directly from their recommendations. And it's completely transparent and simple to use.

Royalties for anyone

1000 ODNS Royalty tokens provide users the opportunity to participate in the revenue from the ODNS naming service. A residual income stream for token holders is created based solely on the sales that filter through the ODNS contract. The ODNS contract pays royalties to the royalty contract on every sale which can then be claimed by royalty token holders. You can hold your tokens forever, or sale them on a marketplace.

Royalty tokens will be available on this website when the contract launches. First come, first served!

Flexible Record Keeping

No Resolvers. No Company needed. ODNS makes storing any type of metadata for your registered name easy. The possibilities are limitless due to the use of the ubiquitous JavaScript Object Notation format, or JSON. This makes storing and looking up records simple and a pleasure for application integrators.
Here's an example.

Raw Metadata

        "btc": "38ccq12hPFoiSksxUdr6SQ5VosyjY7s9AU",
        "eth": "0x750EF1D7a0b4Ab1c97B7A623D7917CcEb5ea779C",
        "matic": "0x0aC59E6F995BE28c809a102670F325ad94fE5f6E"
        "usdc": "0x0aC59E6F995BE28c809a102670F325ad94fE5f6E"
        "picture": "https://pbs.tw.com/profile_images/86xyLF4_400x400.jpg",
        "username": "vitalik.matic",
        "bio": "Fable of the Dragon Tyrant (not mine but it's important)"
    "ipfs": "QmdG7WKBiWuAZYxmnHn1kJmZGRYx3MLkKqP8Y1rxZpJm6V",

Here's what that data looks like On-chain


By The Numbers

Other naming services are decentralized by name, but clearly centralized in proceed distributions.



Yearly Revenue $50.9 mm
Creator's(ENS DAO) Take $50.9 mm 100%

Unstoppable Domains

Yearly Revenue $26.9 mm
Investor's Take $26.9 mm 100%


ODNS (Hypothetical)

Yearly Revenue $50 mm
Community TLD Owners $30 mm 60%
Creator's Take $10 mm 20%
Royalty Token Holders $7.5 mm 15%
Referral Affliates $2.5 mm 5%

From the Devs:

Why Now? Why Polygon?

We BUIDL in Bear Markets.

As two long-time Ethereum developers, we noticed that much of the value from the last big bull cycle was captured by insiders and venture capitalists. The little guy always had to play catchup. Large conglomerates control many of the tools and benefit residually from this control. Inspired by the work at TallyHo wallet, how can we change this?

The two largest naming services, ens.domains and unstoppabledomains.com, curate what top level domains are available in their marketplace. This model is very limiting and creates monopolies where the naming services get all of the profits. We built ODNS to give that power and control back to anyone. We wanted to allow each person a chance to create the next great TLD, and profit from it. You have total control, you set prices and can sell the name at any time.

Furthermore, we wanted to allow anyone to invest in the revenue stream of the contract without being in some special inner circle or private Discord group. Most VC-backed tokens are used for VCs to have liquidity events on the backs of retail consumers. The ODNS contract, on the other hand, provides an incentive to hold on to a token. A Royalty token is meant to provide a residual stream of revenue share for the life of Polygon.

Why Polygon?

Polygon provides a cheap and scalable solution for everyone. With fewer fees and a smaller asset price, there is more concentration on the project and less on the underlying asset. The pure automation of the ODNS contract requires a solid cheap infrastructure for execution, which ensures more flexibility on behalf of ODNS participants. For example, there is no need to worry about gas fees being too high to update your metadata or to change the price of your rentals. Developers that are familiar with Ethereum’s EVM framework find polygon easy to work with. We want them to be able to build their own Token based Godaddy, with a few lines of code.

Why Now?

When the bear market turns for the better, early ODNS participants will be in postion to capitalize on a whole new world.


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